Multicultural Education

Multicultural education is an on-going course of action which requires commitment of both time and energy. The goal of multicultural education is to achieve an education free of inherited biases. Despite of the fact that there are laws that ban discrimination, the United States is continuously inundated by attitudes that are prejudicial to many cultural, ethnic and social groups. It is due to these facts that inequality runs rampant in our society. Regrettably, there are many people in the United States who believe there is only one way to live, look, and behave, and if one chooses to walk a different road, this is considered as “Un-American”. These people are then scorned and ridiculed.

Many believe that multicultural education is the answer to the abovementioned injustices. Multicultural education is a philosophical concept whose ideals are built on the basic principles of equality, dignity, equity, freedom, and justice. When promoting democratic ideology and social justice, multicultural education also puts value on the cultural differences and challenges all forms of discrimination. A multicultural education acknowledges the fact that schools have a responsibility to prepare students developing attitudes toward fellow humankind.

What makes a multicultural school is not the amount of ethnic student enrolled in one time but more on how the said school deals with such diversity. Multiculturalism is a structure of beliefs as well as actions that acknowledges and reverses the presence of all diverse groups. The heart of multicultural education is the aptitude to work with others in a way that transcend all obstacles and produce unanimity.

There are a number of possible solutions to the problem. Start with retraining teachers. They should be re-educated. These educators need to be taught the skills needed to instill tolerance and acceptance from the ground up. There is a need to rebuild our ethics and beliefs.

Another solution would be to have more racially diverse subject matter and study supplies. Also, the children should be taught in their mother tongue and then incorporate English as they become accustomed to the language. Also, new teaching supplies such as books and others have to be provided.